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Recent Activities

Bought a Leica Q

I bought a Leica Q compact camera. It has what I want: manual controls for exposure; the ability to deactivate the LCD screen, a full-frame image sensor, and a top of the line Leica 28mm lens. What else do I need?

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One Camera, One Lens

More than one camera and more than one lens is too much; it’s a distraction. Taking pictures is smoother when you have only one camera and one lens. Shooting becomes simpler and more natural, making for better photos.

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Recent Thoughts on Photography

More Progress

Looking at my photographs for the past year or so, and comparing them to photos I took three years ago, I can see that I’ve made more progress in my photography skills. This has been due to several factors: equipment changes and a new perspective.

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Leica Q Decision

Despite my well thought through decision a month or so ago to buy a new Leica M-mount camera, in particular one without a LCD screen (i.e., a Leica M-D), I’ve decided to buy instead a Leica Q compact camera.

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Recent Tutorials on Photography

Customizing the Leica Q

Like almost all digital cameras today, the Leica Q has an extensive menu of settings that can be frustrating to navigate — especially while taking photos. To stay in creative mode, the latest firmware version allows for some customization.

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Finding Clarity

To learn how to use the Leica M9 camera for studio photography, I spent a day taking private lessons with a professional fashion photographer who uses the same camera for his work. He hired a model for the lessons. It was fun and extremely useful.

posted: aug 12, 2014 ✧ words: 1630 ✧ past month: 2849 views ✨ read more…