Zeiss Planar T* f/2.0 50mm ZM Lens

Zeiss Planar T* f/2.0 50mm ZM Lens

Zeiss ZM Planar 50mm Lens

maker: Zeiss
focal length: 50 mm
max aperture: f/2.0
angle of view: 47°
filter size: 43 mm
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This lens is based on the renowned Carl Zeiss Planar design, a symmetric combination of 6 optical elements in 4 groups. Its features include excellent resolving power, high image quality over the entire field, and outstanding flare control. The Planar T* 2/50 ZM lens opens up new creative possibilities for all-round photography, documentation and photojournalism.

Photos Taken with this Camera

Life Imitates Advertising
Woman with Dragon Tattoo
Four Women Conversing
Checking the Maps
Sitting and Thinking
Strolling Along
Two Friends
Two Generations of Cool
Musical and Friendly
Catching Some Rays
Posing for Mom
Carrying a Friend
At the Dog Park
Vending Fruit
Man Reading in Park
Lake Maggiore - Stresa

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