This section of the FotoCapito site is where you’ll find lists of photography equipment discussed elsewhere on the site. They are grouped below by type of equipment. Click on the heading of each to see groupings based on maker and based on other means.


Because of my preferences and how they have developed and changed, older articles mention Canon EOS cameras — primarily DSLR cameras. Since my preference shifted towards film and rangefinder cameras, Zeiss Ikon and Leica cameras become more prevalent. Although the oldest articles have to do with a compact, pocket-size camera, which I quickly replace with a DSLR, over time I understood better the value of a smaller cameras. Therefore, there is mention of a few such cameras.


As eluded to above, there are many references to lenses for Canon DSLR cameras in older articles: Canon EF lenses, as well as Zeiss EF lenses. More recent articles comment on Zeiss ZM and Leica M mount manual lenses.


Owing to my interest in studio photography, there are a few articles that discuss Canon and Metz flashes, with some mention only of Nikon flashes. This includes comments about reflectors, umbrellas, and other lighting equipment.

Other Equipment

For all other equipment referenced in articles and elsewhere on this site, this section lists information on those items.