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Welcome to FotoCapito, a site dedicated to understanding better photography and photographs: how to recognize good ones and bad ones, and in the process learning to make better photos.

Recent Activities on Photography

Replaced Leica M9 Image Sensor

My Leica M9 had too many spots on images, so I gave it to Leica to clean. They said the image sensor needed replacing.
posted: feb 10, 2017  ✧  word count:  735  ✧  readers this month: 1119  ✨ Read More…

Lightroom Mobile as a Camera App.

Discovered an excelent mobile phone camera application that I already had and didn't know it.
posted: feb 08, 2017  ✧  word count:  538  ✧  readers this month: 541  ✨ Read More…

Recent Thoughts on Photography

Good Photos

I enjoy photographing people. But I’m often disappointed by many photos I see on social networking sites. I wish people would take the time to make better photographs.
posted: oct 07, 2016  ✧  word count:  403  ✧  readers this month: 474  ✨ Read More…

Making Better Photos

Many people believe that higher quality photography equipment makes necessarily better photographs. While equipment can make a difference, there are other factors that can compensate or undo the effects of a good camera and lens.
posted: aug 11, 2013  ✧  word count:  799  ✧  readers this month: 395  ✨ Read More…

Recent Tutorials on Photography

Finding Clarity

To learn how to use the Leica M9 camera for studio photography, I spent a day taking private lessons with a professional fashion photographer who uses the same camera for his work. He hired a model for the lessons. It was fun and extremely useful.
posted: aug 12, 2014  ✧  word count:  1630  ✧  readers this month: 899  ✨ Read More…

Steadying Micro 4/3 with Manual Lens

Voigtlander makes adapters for Leica lenses so that they may be used on micro four-thirds cameras. It works well. But using a cropped manual lens on such a camera makes it difficult to avoid camera-shake in low lighting.
posted: feb 14, 2012  ✧  word count:  1013  ✧  readers this month: 344  ✨ Read More…

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Berlin Dom
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