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Zeiss Ikon Camera

  • maker:   Zeiss
  • sensor:  
  • mega pixels:  
  • capture rate:  
  • format:   film
  • af points:  
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The Zeiss Ikon camera combines classic design with easy-to-use operation. Features and controls are specifically made to make practical photography comfortable and free from unpleasant surprises from the camera. Manual or auto TTL exposure metering as well as an AE-lock function gives you complete control of the exposure situation. So that you can make best use of the entire system—from the film to the lens.

The Zeiss Ikon unites traditional design with modern conveniences. It enables you to turn a creative idea for an image into a real picture. Equipped with the renowned M bayonet, this camera is ideally suited for Zeiss ZM lenses and can also take all other lenses equipped with an M bayonet.

Photos Taken with this Camera or Lens

Cinque Terre
Dry Dock
Ignoring the Banana Trees
Fountain of Youth