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Leica M8.2 Camera

  • maker:   Leica
  • sensor:   APS-H
  • mega pixels:   10.3
  • capture rate:   10 fps
  • format:   digital
  • af points:   none
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The Leica M8.2 provides full compatibility with almost all M lenses, and the low-noise CCD image sensor with a resolution of 10.3 million pixels has been specially integrated into the compact lens design, ensuring optimum picture quality. The operation and functionality of the digital M concentrate on what is essential, while useful additional functions provided by digital technology complement the proven M concept. The Leica M8 is a timeless digital camera that is excitingly new and yet comfortingly familiar.

Photos Taken with this Camera or Lens

Lake Maggiore - Stresa
Carrying a Friend
Checking the Maps
Vending Fruit
Strolling Along
Posing for Mom
Two Friends
Woman with Dragon Tattoo
Two Generations of Cool
Catching Some Rays
Musical and Friendly
Life Imitates Advertising
Four Women Conversing
Man Reading in Park
Sitting and Thinking
At the Dog Park