Canon EOS 400D Camera

Canon EOS 400D Camera

Canon 400D

maker: Canon
sensor: APS-C CMOS
mega pixels: 10.1
capture rate: 3 fps
format: digital
af points: 9
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The Canon EOS 400D is an entry level digital SLR camera first introduced in late 2006. It continues to be a popular model with photography students and enthusiasts as an affordably priced relatively large sensor DSLR that accepts a nearly unlimited range of lens options. The EOS 400D is the successor to the best selling Canon EOS 350D. The EOS 400D offers significant improvements over it’s predecessor including: an all new 10 megapixel sensor, vibrating anti-static coated low-pass filter, internal materials not prone to create dust, Delete Dust Data feature, faster and longer burst shooting, 2.5 inch 160° viewing angle screen, power saving viewfinder in use sensor, improved menus and controls, RGB channel histograms, auto image noise reduction option, 6 pre-set picture styles (including monochrome), 3 user customizable picture styles, expanded image parameters range with Black & White filter and toner emulation options.

The EOS 400D was also marketed as the Canon Rebel XTi in the Americas and as the Canon EOS Kiss Digital N in Japan. In 2008 Canon released a follow-up: the 450D.

Photos Taken with this Lens

Purple Flower
Young Carabinieri
Elderly Couple
Baker's Daughter
At the Cistern
Old Men Walking
Castello Sforzesco
Romanian Quartet

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