Another Fifty Euros

writer: russell j.t. dyer; posted: mar 2010; revised: mar 2018; readers past month: 925

Leitz thin Elmar 9cm f/4 Telephoto Lens

Well, I went back to the Leica store today to see about a refund or something for the defective lens I bought a few days ago. They were very nice about it. I showed them the photos and they didn’t try to suggest a user problem. They pulled the lens apart, examined it and said they couldn’t see where there was a problem with the lens, but were willing to take it back. As I feared, though, I was talked into buying a more expensive lens.

When I was there a few days ago and bought the faulty lens, they had tried to sell me a newer version of the Leitz thin Elmar 9cm f/4 telephoto lens. It was chrome with a leatherette ring at the base. The old one I bought was made in 1938, from what I can determine. This newer model was made in 1952 and in better exterior condition at least. Hopefully, an extra 14 years of experience at Leica helps. On Saturday they told me that that lens would cost me 250 euros ($ 337). Today they said that if I would take the exchange, they would sell me the newer lens for 200 euros ($ 270). Like an idiot, I agreed and handed them another 50 euros.

I still have to shoot a roll of film with this newer lens to be sure it functions well, but I suspect it will be livable. I think the pricing was better on this newer one; I don’t feel as though I was burned as much as I was before, although I’m out another 50 euros. Thanks for everyone’s advice and comments. I appreciate it very much.