Street Photography

Street photography is the taking of photos of people you don’t know on the street, with or without their permission. If they’re good photos, you can see people as that are naturally in public.

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Grand Cafe Dr. Zhivago
Elena & Yulia in Sclafani Bagni
Striding through Helsinki
A Helsinki Discourse
On Top the World with Dad
A Trieste Stroll
Ignoring the Banana Trees
Fountain of Youth
Two Friends
Musical Fraulines
Life Imitates Advertising
Woman with Dragon Tattoo
Four Women Conversing
Checking the Maps
Sitting and Thinking
Strolling Along
Baker's Daughter
Two Generations of Cool
Mardi Gras Couple
Musical and Friendly
Man Working by Reclining Statue
Catching Some Rays
Posing for Mom
Young Woman Passing Yellow Scooter
Checking Her Messages
Carrying a Friend
At the Dog Park
Directing on the Mountain
Vending Fruit
Man Reading in Park
See You in the Funny Papers