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Thoughts on Photography

These are our thoughts on photography and photographs in general—our web log. We discuss why we take photographs, the pleasure and satisfaction we gain from it. We also discuss what makes a good photograph, the psychological and artistic aspects of it. And we discuss what makes a photograph boring and unappealing. These are our musings on photography.

More Progress

Looking at my photographs for the past year or so, and comparing them to photos I took three years ago, I can see that I’ve made more progress in my photography skills. This has been due to several factors: equipment changes and a new perspective.
posted: sep 17, 2018; words: 1530; past month: 1207 views

Leica Q Decision

Despite my well thought through decision a month or so ago to buy a new Leica M-mount camera, in particular one without a LCD screen (i.e., a Leica M-D), I’ve decided to buy instead a Leica Q compact camera.
posted: sep 07, 2018; words: 1117; past month: 1878 views

A Digital Film Camera

The best camera for creativity would be digital with a full-frame sensor, but have the simplicity of a film camera: knobs for setting manually the exposure (i.e., ISO, shutter, aperture) and no other settings, nor an LCD screen to distract you.
posted: jul 30, 2018; words: 1064; past month: 1079 views

Staying Creative: An Argument Against LCDs

The best way to take good photos with a digital camera is to turn off the LCD screen while photographing. It’s too easy to rely on it, rather than think about what you’re photographing.
posted: jun 18, 2018; words: 1182; past month: 809 views

Good Photos

I enjoy photographing people. But I’m often disappointed by many photos I see on social networking sites. I wish people would take the time to make better photographs.
posted: oct 07, 2016; words: 403; past month: 1099 views

Making Better Photos

Many people believe that higher quality photography equipment makes necessarily better photographs. While equipment can make a difference, there are other factors that can compensate or undo the effects of a good camera and lens.
posted: aug 11, 2013; words: 799; past month: 1066 views

Better Post Processing

Over the past several years, I've used a few programs for processing photos, but mostly Adobe Lightroom. I had been mostly cropping, adjusting colors, and other things that are fairly straightforward. Lately, I’ve started getting more creative.
posted: aug 04, 2013; words: 398; past month: 851 views


When I was a boy, I was fascinated by tools. My father and grandfather used tools to make things: I would stand next to them in their sheds watching them work with tools. I wanted to be like them. It was a manly thing to build and fix things with tools.
posted: jul 24, 2013; words: 1025; past month: 800 views

Daily Photographs

For the past couple of years, I've been transitioning away from SLR cameras and others, to rangefinder cameras. To learn how to use my latest rangefinder camera, I started a project of taking thirty-six photos each day for practice.
posted: jul 14, 2013; words: 605; past month: 1065 views

The Long and Short of it

When talking about photography, it was assumed you were referring to film cameras, and would stipulate if speaking about a digital camera. With the wide acceptance of digital cameras, it's now necessary instead to clarify if speaking about a film camera.
posted: jun 30, 2013; words: 572; past month: 816 views

Making Progress

Over the past eight years I have been very involved in photography, but sometimes I get disenchanted with my progress. It’s useful sometimes for me to compare my photos over the years to see my progress.
posted: may 05, 2013; words: 1502; past month: 923 views

Using Reluctantly Camera Phones

My young girlfriend has gotten me to use my mobile telephone to take pictures. I have always disdained this idea. One should use a camera, not a telephone for photography. Still, women can change a man’s perspective.
posted: apr 08, 2013; words: 882; past month: 805 views

It’s All About the Sensor

Each camera has a sensor for recording an image: an electronic image sensor or a piece of a strip of film. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type. At the basic level, the type of sensor use will effect the results of the initial image.
posted: jan 07, 2013; words: 292; past month: 850 views

Is Still Life Alive?

Still life scenes have been popular among artists that draw or paint. However, I haven't seen much done by photographers. I'm wondering why. I have some thoughts about this, but would like to know the thoughts of others about this topic.
posted: aug 26, 2010; words: 371; past month: 802 views

Is Film Better?

As I improve my skills at using Adobe PhotoShop for processing images taken with film and digital cameras, I’m wondering if a state of the art, high-end digital camera can produce better images digitally and in print than any film camera.
posted: apr 27, 2010; words: 1322; past month: 1117 views

A Comparison Idea about Film

The main question or set of questions about film cameras is if I want both printed images and digitalized images, which one is better choice? So I tested this with the same conditions (e.g., same lens, settings, etc.) for both types of cameras.
posted: apr 21, 2010; words: 760; past month: 818 views

Film Camera and Lens Combination

Lenses are key to taking high quality photo, but they can be expensive. This is a problem I had with film cameras. However, since I already own several excellent EOS L-series lenses, I bought an excellent Canon EOS film camera to use with these lenses.
posted: apr 19, 2010; words: 934; past month: 960 views

Learning Monochrome

As part of my latest activities to relearn film photography, as well as to learn what escaped me about film in my youth, I have begun trying black and white film this week. It’s been an interesting experience.
posted: mar 17, 2010; words: 1124; past month: 820 views

Without a Built-in Meter

Rangefinder cameras can be impressive looking, but some don’t have built-in light meters. For many decades photographers did without them, but now it’s frustrating. Using a simple guide and a hand-held meter, I’m learning how do without.
posted: mar 10, 2010; words: 1392; past month: 912 views

Equipment Obsession

I confess that I like camera equipment. I like researching new equipment, deciding what to buy, buying it and then using it. If I didn’t use it, I would be accept that it’s a problem. But I use my equipment and enjoy doing so. Is that bad?
posted: aug 05, 2009; words: 613; past month: 821 views

Three Enjoyable Aspects to Photography

Photography has three main components: the equipment, the act of creating photographs, and the photos themselves. Enjoying all three is part of being an amateur photographer. In this musing I expound on this and tell about my history related to them.
posted: jul 27, 2009; words: 805; past month: 1176 views

Why do we stare?

Photographs that contain certain elements and patterns are appealing. They are easily reproducable: anyone can become a good photographer. What’s curious, though, is why we find photographs with certain patterns so appealing.
posted: jul 25, 2009; words: 539; past month: 807 views

The Secret World of Macro Photography

While some may consider macro photographs interesting, I consider it to be a form of meditation—or a method of creating material for meditation. The subjects I photograph with a macro lens relate to a childhood need to hide from the larger world.
posted: jul 12, 2009; words: 660; past month: 899 views

Why do we Photograph?

Normal people take photos to remember social events, to tell others about their life. Amateur photographers take them for other reasons. To explore their motivation, I first define the term photographer, then professional and amateur photographers.
posted: jul 08, 2009; words: 858; past month: 878 views

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