photography and photographs understood

Photograph Appreciation

A significant part of this site, an aspect that we hope will distinguish it from other web sites on photography is information on understanding photographs: what goes on in the mind that makes some photographs more appealing than others. The books that are reviewed under this section focus primarily on this aspect of photography.

Beauty in Photography

The eight essays in Beauty in Photography provide a critical appreciation of photography by one of its foremost proponents. The result is a rare book of criticism, alive to the pleasure and mysteries of true exploration.
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The Genius of Photography

At the heart of the book is a quest to understand what makes a truly great photograph. What is it that makes a photograph by Nan Goldin or Henri Cartier Bresson stand out among the millions of others taken by all of us every single day.
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The Nature of Photographs

The Nature of Photographs is an essential primer of how to look at and understand photographs. It serves as an indispensable tool for students, teachers and anyone who wants to take better pictures or learn to look at them in a more informed way.
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Man Reading in Park
Milan - Colone
Posing for Mom
Rockport - Motif 1
On Top the World with Dad
Baker's Daughter