photography and photographs understood

Photography Books

We have several books listed on our site. We've grouped them into a few categories. Below is a list of each category. Click on the name of a category to see a list of books for the selected category.

General Photography Books

These are books that about about photography in general. Since this is the age of digitial photography, some of these books do focus on digitial photography in particular and don't include film photography. There just aren’t many books in print and popular still that aren't about digital photography.

Books on Composing Photos

Separate from understanding the mechanics of photographic equipment and the physics of photography is the art of composing good photographs. These books focus on this aspect of photography.

Equipment Books

For every popular camera—especially those made by one of the large camera manufactureres—there seems to be at least one book published about the camera, sometimes two or three. This section provides a listing of those books and gives brief reviews of them.

Books on Software for Photography

These books are related to using computer software with photography. They include programs like Adobe Photoshop and Apple Aperture.

Photograph Appreciation

A significant part of this site, an aspect that we hope will distinguish it from other web sites on photography is information on understanding photographs: what goes on in the mind that makes some photographs more appealing than others. The books that are reviewed under this section focus primarily on this aspect of photography.

Books on Photographers

These books contain collections of photographs, either related to a particular type of photography or a particular theme. This section also includes books presenting a collection of photographs by one photographer or related photographers.

Miscellaneous Photography Books

These are books involving subjects related to photography that we weren’t able to categorize under any other topic.

Studio Lighting & Portraits

If you're interested in leaning about studio photography, these books will help you with understanding the various types of studio lights and methods for positioning your studio lights. For now this also includes books related to posing models for portraits.
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