photography and photographs understood

Photo Albums

These are our photo albums. They are photographs that we have taken in which we feel are well done. For each photograph we provide the name of the camera and lens used and the various camera and lens settings.

These are portrait photographs of people that we have identified as having an artistic appeal to them. Some were taken in a photography studio and some outdoors using mostly studio lighting.
created:  jan 1, 2005;  updated:  apr 11, 2018;  photos:  19;  views past month: 1173

Street photography is the taking of photos of people you don't know on the street, with or without their permission. If they're good photos, you can see people as that are naturally in public.
created:  jan 1, 2005;  updated:  apr 10, 2018;  photos:  36;  views past month: 1455

These photographs are primarily picturesque scenes that you might see on post cards. It’s generally a composition that one might try to avoid in photograph, if one wants to be original, but some shots are difficult to resist.
created:  jan 1, 2005;  updated:  apr 10, 2018;  photos:  19;  views past month: 1110

This album contains photographs of still life subjects. Many were taken in a studio setting, but some may not have been so staged
created:  jan 1, 2005;  updated:  may 16, 2015;  photos:  4;  views past month: 972
Grand Café Dr. Zhivago
St. Basil Cathedral
Posing for Mom